What are the advantages of purchasing a bus ticket with Parshwanath & Travels?

Parshwanath & Travels Provides Safe, Reliable, Clean and On Time Travel Service.
 Some of the advantages of dealing with us are:

-    You can choose your seat
-    You can book your bus tickets online, by phone, or in person
-    You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type

Do I need to register to use Parshwanath & Travels?

No. Parshwanath & Travels does not require its customers to go through a tedious registration process.

Does booking online cost me more?

Not at all!


Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?

No. the SMS that is sent to your mobile can be produced at the time of boarding and you will be allowed to travel

I've lost my ticket. What should I do now?

A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail when you booked it. Please take a printout of that mail and produce it at the time of boarding. If you have not received the ticket e-mail, please call any of our call center and our executive will re-send you a copy by mail.


What is the procedure for booking a ticket?

1.PHONE BOOKING:  customer has to call the call center of ptpl on contact numbers (079-25624446/4448/3377) – then he has to place a requisition for a particular service, and his seat will be kept on phone booking. It is your responsibility to collect the ticket from our office before 2 Hours of departure lest it will be canceled in auto appropriation.
If he does not confirm, the relevant seat will be released.

2. ONLINE BOOKING: This facility is available through ptpl web site www.ptplbus.in  with the help of debit card, credit card and net banking.

3 AGENT BOOKING: The customer has to approach the authorized booking agent of ptpl and buy a ticket on payment of requisite fare.


5 ptpl COUNTER BOOKING: The customers has to approach our offices at,

What I have to do when all seats are sold out per service?

You have to select Request button and need to enter your details like Name, Phone Number and e-mail Id, Our call center  will get back to youif any seats fall vacant due to cancellation.

Change of boarding place?

It is possible, you can call on Help Line : #079-25624446/4448/3377

What is the procedure for postponement   of journey-Is proponent possible? If so what is the procedure?

Update Ticket:
You can change your Boarding Address and Mobile No.
After the Modification, Please take the updated Print of the Ticket.
Pre/Post Pone Ticket:  For the pre/post pone, you will get the Coupon to your mail ID with full amount coupon - Valid for 5 hour(s).
Generated coupon can be used for Pre/Postpone within 5 hour(s).
Booking fare amount is less than coupon amount then Difference amount of coupon will   not be refunded.
For Pre/Postpone ticket, if cancelled  the amount/coupon will not be refunded.
For Pre/Postpone ticket, it cannot be pre/post poned.
Multiple Usage of Coupons (Normal Coupon, Gift Coupon, Pre / Post Pone, Open Coupon) Cannot be used at the Single Booking. or you can call on Help Line : #040-33559999

What is the limit of luggage being carried in the bus?

Personal luggage like briefcases and suitcases are allowed.

Is there any facility for recharging laptops and mobiles?

Yes, such facility is provided but it is limited to Mobiles only.

I am a lady passenger-Whether a male is allowed to sit beside me if the seat is vacant?


Does the owner of the credit card with which the ticket is purchased need to be one of the passengers?

Not at all! A passenger can use any card to pay for the ticket, not necessarily their own. However, please note that the passenger in whose name the ticket is booked should carry a proof of his identity (along with the ticket) at the time of boarding the bus.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still buy a bus ticket?

Sure you can. You can call us and book your bus ticket over the phone or approaching our offices

What payment options do I have?

The different payment options are
•    Credit card
•    Debit card
•    Internet banking (Internet enabled online bank account)

Can I pay using my internet enabled bank account?

Yes. You can transfer money from any of your below bank accounts to Parshwanath & Travels to buy tickets:
 ABN Amro Bank     Citibank     IDBI Bank     Punjab National Bank
 Axis Bank (UTI Bank)     Corporation Bank     IndusInd Bank     State Bank of India (SBI)
 Bank of India     Federal Bank     Jammu & Kashmir Bank     Union bank of India
 Bank of Rajasthan     HDFC Bank     Kotak Bank     Yes Bank
 Centurion Bank of  Punjab     ICICI Bank    Oriental Bank of Commerce   

How does the transaction appear on my card / account statement?

Transactions on Parshwanath & Travels  will appear as, ptplbus.in or CCavenue & EBS in your statement depending on the payment option that you had chosen.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Transactions on Parshwanath & Travels  are very safe. We employ the best-in-class security and the transactions done are secure. Apart from being certified by Verisign, Parshwanath & Travels uses Secured Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with us is never transmitted unencrypted, thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

Is there any concession for regular customers, physically handicapped or senior citizens or students attending sports meets/events?


I have attempted to book a ticket with a credit card online – the relevant fare amount is deducted but ticket is not delivered?

As a matter fact, the amount so shown as deducted is not transferred to our travels A/C  .It is a small technical failure that occurs when to persons try simultaneously for the same seat – the said amount will be transferred to your account by the concerned with in 7 banking days as per banking rules


Can I cancel my ticket online?

Yes, The Tickets booked online can be cancelled only online

Cancellation Charges:

  • Less than 6 hours from the station departure time: 100 %
  • Between 6 Hrs to 24 Hrs from the station departure time: 30 %
  • Between 1 to 30 days before station departure time: 15 %

How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

You need to click on Modify Ticket Link provided on home page , ok the terms and conditions and click on the link continue then you need to enter your ticket number and e-mail id or phone number that was provided at the time of booking and click on cancel ticket.


I missed the bus. Do I get a refund?

Parshwanath & Travels  provides a 100% refund if the bus is missed due to Parshwanath & Travels   However, if the bus is missed due to any other reason not directly related to Parshwanath & Travels  no refund is provided


GPS Tracking - related


How Can we track the bus ?

You can track the exact location of your bus throughout the journey using the link sent to your registered mobile through the sms 1hour before of your bus station departure time. if you didn't received SMS you can give a miss call (08067006075) from your registered mobile number which used at the time of booking the ticket.  

Even your kith and kin can also track the exact location of your bus by using Track Your Bus link @ www.ptplbus.in  and you can share the link sent to you through the sms 1hour before of your bus station departure time. 



Do we get any SMS alerts from GPS before the bus departure and Arrival?

Yes you will  gets realtime periodic SMSes about the location, delay info of the bus, if you didn't received SMS you can give a miss call (08067006075) from your registered mobile number which used at the time of booking the ticket.  




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